The INTEGRATE project aims at building and maintaining a large, curated collection of virological and clinical data to increase scientific knowledge on resistance to integrase strand transfer inhibitors (InSTI) and on the most appropriate use of this class of antiretroviral agents.

The project takes advantage of the EuResist Network structure and expertise to manage the data.  

The project is managed by a dedicated Steering Committee whose members are chosen among active INTEGRATE partners and data contributors.


Scientists from Europe and beyond are invited to join the initiative. Complete data instances will be rewarded. 


The INTEGRATE collected data will be open for scientific studies which are ethical and scientifically sound. 

At January 2020 the tot INSTI based therapies in EIDB are:


The TCEs are



INTEGRATE NGS working group

has been set-up to define standard for HIV NGS data integration.

If you want to participate, please contact:




Find here the STANDARD DATUM defining the mandatory and preferable fields to be collected

Project supported by a grant from Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd.


Integrating EuResist database with integrase resistance data for optimized antiretroviral treatment (the INTEGRATE project)

Maurizio Zazzi, Ana Abecasis, Marina Bobkova, Carole Devaux, Iuri Fanti, Francesca Incardona, Rolf Kaiser, Gaetano Marrone, Roger Paredes, Stefano Rusconi, Murat Sayan, Anders Sönnerborg and Andrea De Luca for the EuResist Network and the INTEGRATE study group.

EACS 2017

HIV Type 1 Integrase Natural Polymorphisms in Viral Variants Circulating in FSU Countries. Lapovok, Laga, Kazennova, Bobkova, Curr HIV Res. 2017 Aug 15. [Epub ahead of print]

Genotypic susceptibility score of NRTI-backbone predicts time to virological failure

of InSTIs-based regimens. A. Borghetti, A. Ciccullo, F. Lombardi, G. Baldin, S. Belmonti, M. Prosperi, F. Incardona, E. Heger, V. Borghi, A. Sönnerborg, M. Zazzi, A. De Luca, S. Di Giambenedetto.

CROI 2019

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