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EuResist Mentor School 2018

EuResist Network has launched an educational activity finalised to train young physicians and biologists in dealing with structured data (databases). The overall objectives of the initiative are to nurture a generation of scientists able to bridge the gap among medical/biological sciences and IT data management/statistics and to exploit at best the potential of structured collections of real world data for the progress of science.

The programme is divided in two phases:

  • two days face to face training with practical, hands-on sessions

  • nine months follow-up finalised to publish the worthwhile results of the work

The on-site training has been held in Cologne on May 3rd 2018 with the following final programme

EMS2018 small.jpg
EMS2018 large.jpg


at the 17th European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis

  • A retrospective analysis of the EuResist data set assessing dual therapy success in a real-life context

  • A retrospective analysis of the EuResist data set assessing if NRTI resistance impairs INSTI based treatment with NRTI backbone

Learning objectives

  • To learn the basics of database management

  • To learn how to translate a scientific question or hypothesis into a structured query

  • To learn the basics of Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • To learn basics of statistics

  • To learn basics on how to write a scientific paper

  • Overall: to learn how to exploit the power of real world medical data

If you want to participate

please contact us:

The EMS is supported by grants from Janssen Parmaceutica and Gilead Sciences

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