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Winner of

Computerworld Honors 2009 

A European multidisciplinary network for the fight against HIV drug resistance


EuResist Network is an international non-profit partnership devoted to understanding and fighting the resistance to anti-HIV drugs.

Its approach is eminentely multidisciplinary and focused on exploiting the power of real world data at the benefit of the individual patient...

The EuResist Integrated Database
with data of more than 105.000 HIV patients is open for research studies.

Joint Dialogue on Preparedness

24 October 2023

Are we better prepared for pandemics now? Can the problems we encountered in our experiences with COVID-19 be used to prepare better responses in the future?


Leading experts from EuCARE, RECODID, VAXTRUST, AVITHRAPID projects and from high level insititutions such as WHO, National pandemic coordination centres and top ranking universities and research centres led an interdisciplinary, interactive dialogue and discussed these themes in the Joint Dialogue on Preparedness, organised by EuCARE!


EuCARE Annual Meeting in Lisbon

23-24 October 2023

The EuCARE annual meeting was successfully held on 23th  and 24th October 2023, hosted by the Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical - Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, in the presence of our distinguished Scientific and Ethics external Boards.

The very committed and proactive EuCARE partners, arrived in Portugal from all over Europe and even from Brazil, spent the two days of the meeting exchanging ideas on new studies and strategies with a special focus on how to be prepared to face a possible next pandemic. 

Thank you all, it is always a great opportunity to meet in person and thus make the meeting even more productive!


Data privacy workshop at Fondation Brocher

19-20 June 2023

The EuCARE workshop: Data privacy, data property, and data sharing: an interdisciplinary dialogue for post-pandemic transnational research was successfully held on 19th  and 20th June 2023 at the domain of the Brocher Foundation near Geneva, Switzerland

During two days of highly engaging debate, biomedical scientists advocated for a more research friendly data regulatory environment, whilst lawyers, ethics and IT scientists highlighted the pros and cons of possible solutions, from the very latest AI research, to visionary regulatory oriented solutions looking forward to the next laws that could enhance or further weigh down GDPR. 


The first results of the EuCARE POST COVID-19 Study presented at the Italian Conference on Aids and Antiviral Research (ICAR)

The EuCARE studies on POST COVID-19 are also approaching the dissemination stage and a presentation (of the preliminary results) will be given at ICAR 2023 (Bari 14-16 June) titled: Long COVID phenotypes and association with SARS CoV-2 variants in the EUCARE-POSTCOVID study”.
A preview of the findings was given to the last "Research to policy meeting on POST-COVID condition" organised by the EU on May 31.


Schools closure and social distancing caused anger and sadness in students of all ages, but also teachers suffered and still don't feel safe. The trends of SARS-CoV-2 in autumn 2022 appeared to be driven mainly by geographical location, seasonal changes and overall population behaviour and not by school openings.
The Lolli methode under evaluation within the EuCARE Project looks like a promising support. 

The first results of the EuCARE SCHOOLS cohort study were presented as a poster at the European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis 2023 (Rome, 7-9 June 2023).

Poster Roma Bellerba v2.png

The schools participating in the EuCARE SCHOOLS study came together in the WeCARE for Schools trilateral event (Italy-Mexico-Portugal) on the 12th of May. Students, teachers and principals described their experience with the project and exchanged views. 

Further to the enthusiasm to participate in scientific research, many students still worried about being a danger to others expressed relief and confidence in Lolli Methode as a children-friendly procedure for monitoring their infectious status.

Elisa, an Italian 18 years old student followed the event online and wrote a moving article on it, published on the OBESSU website. "Our experience was one of the worst of all Europe. Our school system was not prepared at all to face the issues brought by the pandemic", she writes, and: "Institutions still do not give the right importance to education and instead of focusing on how to prepare schools for epidemic emergencies, they prefer setting them aside."


The EuCARE SCHOOL Study protocol is published on BMC Infectious Diseases:
Raimondi, S., Gandini, S., Rubio Quintanares, G.H. et al. European Cohorts of patients and schools to Advance Response to Epidemics (EuCARE): a cluster randomised interventional and observational study protocol to investigate the relationship between schools and SARS-CoV-2 infection. BMC Infect Dis 23, 1 (2023).


 The EuResist Network  and all its history is now summarised in a cohort paper published on Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease Journal:     
Rossetti, B.; Incardona, F.; Di Teodoro, G.; Mommo, C.; Saladini, F.; Kaiser, R.; Sönnerborg, A.; Lengauer, T.; Zazzi, M., on behalf of the EuResist Network. Cohort Profile: A European Multidisciplinary Network for the Fight against HIV Drug Resistance (EuResist Network). Trop. Med. Infect. Dis. 2023, 8, 243. 

EuResist was founded in 2006 with the purpose of developing a clinical decision-support tool predicting the most effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) for persons living with HIV (PLWH), based on their clinical and virological data. Drawing from its interdisciplinary vocation, EuResist continues to investigate the clinical response to antiretroviral treatment against HIV and to monitor the development and circulation of HIV drug resistance in clinical settings, along with the development of novel drugs and the introduction of new treatment strategies. Its major results are discussed in the paper.


They talk about us

An algorithm for Africa
An Algorithm for Africa.png
EuCARE kick-off project on TV

Il Covid ha lasciato rabbia negli studenti

13 May 2023

Article published in regional newspaper on the preliminary results of the EuCAREschool study presented during the "WeCARE for Schools" event


Covid, al via un progetto per analizzare l’effettivo contagio nelle scuole

2 June 2022

Da settembre lo studio di EuCARE. Sotto la lente anche l'impatto psicologico delle restrizioni e l'eventuale perdita di apprendimento a esse associata.

Audible by Rai GR Parlamento:

15 May 2022

L'Italia che va_F.Incardona_InterviewRai GR Parlamento
00:00 / 06:25

EuCARE: partito lo studio internazionale sul ruolo della scuola durante la pandemia

19 June 2022

Il Metodo Lolli già applicato in 3 istituti a Lodi e Lecce


Covid, nelle scuole italiane arriva il progetto europeo ‘Eucare’

1 June 2022

Si tratta di uno studio scientifico internazionale per adottare le migliori pratiche per tutelare tutti gli studenti in queste nuove fasi della pandemia

Audible by Radio Radicale:

9 November 2021

Derrick_blog_RadioRadicale-mp1132380Derrick Blog
00:00 / 02:33

Coordinated by Euresist Network, 25 primary universities, hospitals and ICT research centres are collaborating to provide robust, data driven evidence to deal with SARS-CoV-2 variants and COVID-19 epidemics. 

How do SARS-COV-2 variants, coupled with other factors, influence the clinical course of COVID-19? Is there any vaccine or test escape related to variants? Do variants influence, and how, the spread in the school setting? Can we define a better testing and containment strategy  in the school setting? What is the impact of containment measures, including schools closure, on pupils and teachers?

With the support of strong immuno-virological and artificial intelligence components, the study will take advantage of large hospital patients, vaccinated healthcare workers and schools’ cohorts in Europe, Kenya, Mexico, Russia and Vietnam to find an answer to urgent issues related to science and society....



​CARE (Common Action against HIV/TB/HCV across the Regions of Europe) aims at analysing and addressing the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis C (HCV) epidemics across Europe and Russia, by establishing new networks and consolidating previous cooperative actions between the European Union and the Russian Federation. 


Logo_JPG-1 copia.jpg

The MDR project (HIV multidrug resistance pathways in the EuResist Integrated DataBase) aims at estimating the prevalence and trend over time of MDR (multidrug resistance) in HIV patients, using descriptive statistics, retaining high value because of the large sample size and wide representativeness of the EIDB.

​​​The INTEGRATE project aims at building and maintaining a large, curated collection of virological and clinical data to increase scientific knowledge on resistance to integrase strand transfer inhibitors (InSTI) and on the most appropriate use of this class of antiretroviral agents.

EuResist Mentor School

EuResist Network organises the EuResist Mentor School (EMS) an innovative educational project finalised to train young physicians and biologists in dealing with structured data (databases). The EMS 2018 has been successfully held in Cologne 

EuResist in Africa

EuResist has been supporting partner of the EDCTP networking action: "Integrated training activities and IT infrastructures to improve capacities in eastern African area"...


EucoHIV is an independent self-constituted study group aiming at increasing scientific knowledge on HIV coreceptor usage and its clinical significance, including...


Ciao Andrea.


On Feb 4th 2019, our great friend and EuResister Andrea De Luca lost his life in a horrible car accident, at the age of 55.

One year has passed and still we miss him with incredulity and sorrow. 
Among many other projects,  Andrea joined EuResist as a key leader soon after its launch, devoting his energy, commitment and capability to the success of the Network. He was an extra lively, smart, passionate, and positive person, always ready to help and take new tasks.
His loss is a huge loss for us, for his patients, for his beloved ones, for the international research community.

Ciao Andrea, we'll always miss you.

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