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Welcome to the EuResist Network website

The EuResist Network GEIE manages:

  1. the EuResist Integrated Data Base (EIDB), among the largest available databases of HIV genotypes and clinical response to antiretroviral therapy, with more than 65.000 patients
  2. the EuResist Satellite DB (EsaDB), a tool for management of HIV patients data running locally on a PC. ESaDB is provided for free and is downlodable here
  3. the EuResist treatment response prediction engine. The EuResist prediction engine is a data-driven system which predicts the response to combination drug therapy for a patient with a given viral genotype. The engine has an overall accuracy of around 77% which compares favourably with existing rules-based state-of-the-art systems such as HIVdb, ANRS, REGA.

The EuResist Network is seeking for new partners of proved or potential scientific value for expanding both database and scientific programme. Co-operation with developing countries with high rates of HIV infections is mostly welcome.

All the partners have one representative in the EuResist Network Scientific Board. The Board evaluates requests to access the EIDB for scientific studies. Partner's activities and data are protected by the data and authorship policy (link).


EuResist at ISPOR 2014

Amsterdam - 10 November 2014

Francesca Incardona will present the Euresist experience within the educational symposium on "Big data, advanced analytics and the transformation of health care delivery" at the ISPOR 17thannual European congress.

EuResist-Arevir annual meeting

Cologne April 4-5, 2014

The Programme of the EuResist session and the slides of the meeting are now available online!

EucoHIV Training

26 March 2014

The training on HIV coreceptor is scheduled for Wednesday March 26th from 10.00 till 12.00 in the Fira Palace Hotel, Barcelona. For the programme, please see at:

EuResist "Success Story" is now in a book

EuREsist project success story and Francesca Incardona's interview for the 16th issue of the SME update link, are now published in the publication "Investing in European Success".

EDCTP ENNEA Annual Meeting

24 October 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

The International Management Board meeting of the Project, sustained by EuResist Network, will be hosted by World Friends Kenya.

EuResist at the International Woman Child and HIV Congress

8-10 October 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia

EuResist Network is invited to present its history and initiatives.

Phylogenetics on large clinical HIV resistance databases

30 August 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

EuResist has been presented at the workshop organised by UniLeuven within the 17th International BioInformatics Workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology

EuResist International Meeting

May 4 2012

within the AREVIR-GenaFor meeting 2012 in Cologne. Talks on EuResist present and future, EuResist in Africa, the EucoHIV project, the EuResist engine in Brasil: a comparative study, History-alignment models.

EuResist Network at the sixth EDCTP Forum

October 9-12 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Supporting the EDCTP ENNEA project, EuResist Network was at the sixth EDCTP Forum (link where a poster has been presented. On the 13th the II IMB meeting has been held at Black Lyon Hospital, Addis.

EuResist at the 9th European Workshop on HIV & Hepatitis

Cyprus - 23 – 25 March 2011

Thomas Lengauer was invited speaker on "Applying bioinformatics to clinical practice: what will the future bring?" EuResist was also present with other oral presentations and posters.

EuResist at the Experts dialogue workshop

Santo Domingo - 7-8 March 2011

EuResist presented at the workshop on Thematic priority setting for EU, Caribbean & Central America in research and innovation. in research and innovation.

AIDS Research Award

11 February 2011

The AIDS Research Award of the Heinz-Ansmann Foundation to Rolf Kaiser, Thomas Lengauer and Mark Oette for interdisciplinary team work in HIV resistance analysis that laid the ground for improved patient care

EuResist Network received the prestigious Computerworld Honors program laureate Award

June 1, 2009, Washington, D.C.

In addition to it, EuResist also won the 21st Century Achievement award, establishing its technology contribution as top of its class among the Healthcare Laureates.